OK so we have decided to put a green roof in Lancaster.   Our building sits in the heart of the city, is overlooked by a 17 story Marriott, has an 10,000 SF flat roof that possesses the best views of the city and is crying out to be used for something more than a rubber roof.

We are going to try and tell the story, the entire story and nothing but the story.  In doing so I will share the history of the building, the team as we pick them, the money as we spend it, the permitting process, the design process and the construction process.  We will share all of our successes, all our failures (this scares me), all our highs and our lows.

The short and sweet of the project is we have a beautiful roof that the town of Lancaster has been kind enough to give us a grant to help us add a green roof too.  The grant covers a portion of the work only. To be able to receive the grant we have to be complete by 6/30/11 and there will be no extensions given.  What were we thinking?  This may be a question that we repeat often and have asked every day since we came up with this idea.

We have to replace the existing roof before we can start the green roof portion of the work.  We are hiring a contractor to do the rubber portion of the work but we are going to do the green portion ourselves.  We have no experience doing this before so we are hoping that we are quick learners and we are recruiting the experts to help us.

Now considering it seems like it has been raining for the last month straight, that we are behind on filing for a permit, that we have not hired a roofer yet, just hired a consultant and have never built a green roof before we have stacked the odds against ourselves but we are still confident we will do this on time and that it will be spectacular.  We believe that we will enjoy the process, we will be proud of our achievements and that our roof will make downtown Lancaster a better place.

So as we walk through the door of Annie Baileys to celebrate, probably at 11:59 on June 30th, we will be very proud of what we have created and we will have completely enjoyed the ride.