I left Ireland when I was 18 years old after watching an episode of baywatch, reading the average daily temperatures in the back of the newspaper and because of a particularily wet winter and I needed the sun.  Right now it seems like Deja Vue.  We have had 8″ of rain in Lancaster in April, the most since records have been kept.  May is off to an equally rainy start and we have 57 days to complete our 10,000 sf green roof.

I am confident but nervous, excited but scared.  We are making progress.  Today we have got the roofer for the reroofing portion of the project on board.  He will start on the 16th of May and we will be intoducing him over the next week.

I met with Mary Gattis-Schell (Senior Enviromental Planner, County Lancater), Marilyn Sachs (Contract Technician, County Lancaster) and Fritz Schroeder (Live Green) yesterday.  We revieved the towns paperwork, inspection requirements and contractor approval requirements.  We determined I am very Irish looking and Fritz is not, we decided that our roof will be a hell of a place for a party once we are finished and that we got some work ahead of us before we start planning such a party.

The Planning commision has been fantastic to deal with from the start of this process.  They are giving us a grant  of $5.00 per square foot for materials.  All suppliers and contractors we use have to be approved prior to us using them.  They are also giving us a grant for $2,000.00 for consulting during the process.  Again our consultants have to be approved.  We are in the process of getting our approvals now.  In order for us to invoice for this grant we have to have paid our suppliers and have a copy of a cancelled check.  This has to be done by June 10th but we are requesting an extension on this.  The roof has to be complete in full by June 30th.

So with that sobering thought I am off to bed to dream of the green green grass of home.