I know someone and she gave up working Mondays about 15 years ago.  So I asked her do Tuesdays not just become Mondays and she says “absoflippinglutely not., Tuesdays are great.”  I figured out a while ago that not too much good happens on a Monday and thankfully it’s Tuesday.  In honor of this new initiative we have decided not to start our roof replacement next Monday but instead wait for Tuesday.

This is not entirely true so out with it the truth, the entire truth and nothing but the truth.  The roofer can’t get his insulation by Monday.  He took cores yesterday with the manufacturers representative on site and they determined that a bigger area of the roof needs to be removed than initially was planed, translation is more money, more work.  We agreed that we would both have a representative present during the rip off to determine the exact scope and what needs to go.  This obviously slows us down a bit as it also means a longer timeframe to get through the install.  Brad Is to inform me of the new start date today.

We are also still waiting on a permit.  Our first submission to the town was refused and we have resubmitted removing all occupancy requests as due to the fact that we do not have an elevator or second means of egress we require a state variance to be able to get any occupancy.  So for now we will just deal with getting the roof done in the time allotted and readdress the occupancy load at a later date.

On a more positive note we are receiving back our quotes from our green roof suppliers and we have them narrowed down and should have someone on board by the end of the week.  After we pick suppliers we need to get them approved by Mary in the city and then we will be good to go on that front.  Next week we will upload all quotes, costs and specs to date.  Tomorrow we are meeting with Jorg and Kat, Green Roof Services, and determining a schedule and plan for our green roof installation which we hope to start on TUESDAY the 31st of May.

So happy Tuesday to all, six glorious days ahead before we have to deal with another Monday.  I will check in later in the week after our meeting with Jorg and Kat.


For any of you who want a blast of the Boomtown Rats belting out “I don’t like Mondays”.  I am ashamed to say I used to own and wear one of the neck ties that Bob Geldof is wearing in this video, I can’t say I ever had that much hair though.  Hard not to sing along to this one, my boys are well sick of it by now and have changed the words to “tell me why! I don’t like! I don’t like! I don’t like dads singing!