Permit in hand, material on site, roofers on roof and we are a go.  This might shock you but we got rained out on Thursday and Friday.  The bars in Lancaster got a boom in business as there were a lot of roofers hanging around town with nothing to do.  As they say it is an ill wind that blows no good.

So on Saturday we pulled the lads out of the Annie Baileys, cleaned them up a little and went to work.  And we have had two glorious days on Saturday and Sunday.  Materials hitting the roof, screw guns singing, men flying around the place and a dirty old multicolored roof that was a testament to quick fixes and 40 years worth of wear and tear is transforming before our eyes into a pristine sea of eye blinding white.

This is the first part of the process.  A good base. I started writing this on Monday of this week and then the rest of the week got away from me for various reasons.  But let me show you how Monday finished out.

We were about an hour away from being closed in and the skies just opened…

Now I'm blue

Gary in full stride

It was raining cats, dogs, baby cows and elephants.  I am starting to understand why the Mississippi is clearing its banks.  We fought through it, we collect the water as best we could, we had buckets everywhere, plastic everywhere and sopping wet socks pushing down our shoes and crying out to be wrung we looked at each other and started laughing.  There is a point in every job where you feel like you hit a wall and at that point it can go one of two ways.   Straight down the toilet or you can move forward and turn the corner.  I take my hat off to Brad and the lads from Truesdale roofing because in what has been a tremendously hard job, with no break in the weather they have stuck with it.  Always doing as much as the weather and Mother Nature will allow them, sometimes trying to do a little more than Mother Nature allowed, but always sticking with it and fighting through it.  They will finish the roof this weekend after working 13 straight days, 14 and 16 hour days when allowed by the weather.

Since we turned the very wet corner on Monday we have seen nothing but sunshine.  We have made incredible progress and phase one is approaching a close.  Thank you lads for all the hard work, well done and sunny days ahead.

Men at work with sunny skys

Next steps are a meeting on Tuesday with Jorg, Kat and Fritz to make sure we are ready to go for the green portion of the roof.  Inspection by the city on the Duro-last section of the roof.  Inspection by the Duro-last representative to to issue 15 year warranty.  Receipt of Green roof materials next Friday, June 3rd and start of installation of green roof on Monday, June 6th.  Get your green fingers ready, here we go.  A little nervous about our deadline just because of the weather delays but we are very proud of what we have accomplished so far.  Let the fun begin.