The Story Teller – Joe “Master of Disaster” Devoy

Me and Johnny Cash eh. I get the great honor of telling this story.  One of the building owners and also owner of Tellus 360.  I love telling stories, I’m tremendously excited about what we are doing on top of the roof and equally excited and proud by what we are doing underneath the roof.  I have loved opening Tellus 360, we have a lot more on the way  and we are looking forward to sharing it all with you.  I got a real job with ARA Construction Corp as well and please check us out there too.  I hope you enjoy the ride.



The Villian – John “The Badger” Keane (pronounced Kane)

Badger as he was christened by his father for his ability to fight his way out of corners, a very useful strength when you have 3 bothers, is the villain.  Every good story needs one and this story shall be no different.  He owns Annie Baileys, an Irish pub two doors down from Tellus 360 and many a good days work, and a few good weeks work, have been ruined sitting in there.  I have officially requested that the cast of Tellus 360 green roofing project be bared until 6/30/11.  This request has sadly fallen on deaf ears.

Looking at his mug shot it doesn’t look like the first time he has had it taken.  Two things you will never see Badger without are his tape measure and his hat.  I am still trying to get pictures of his wedding to verify whether he wore them there but his better half Siobhan has remained suspiciously quite on the subject.

You will see and hear of badger a lot in this story and if you can’t find us on rainy days check Badgers place.


The Expert – Jorg “Not A Lot Of Crap” Breuning

Well the name says it all.  In a field where there really are not too many real experts Jorg is truly an expert.  Direct, intelligent and straight forward Jorg makes the process simple.  He has laid out the process, the suppliers, the budgeted costs and what we need to get done when.  He was recommended to us to by Fritz I can walk there Schroeder. Not nearly as good looking as the picture on his company profile, he has over 30 years; yes that is 30 years, of experience in green roofs.  I am building up the courage to talk to him about football but I am sick of the Germans beating the Irish so I might wait awhile. Visit Jorg’s company at




The Yin and Yang Organizer – Kathryn  “Somebody Has To Keep Him In Line” Harrold GRP

Kat, as we do, believes in rebirth and healing.  As we try to resurrect what had became a dilapidated, wasteful, inefficient lump of blocks, glass and concrete into a living, breathing, vibrant and alive place we are healing ourselves, our environment and our city. This is a project that sits square in the middle of her life goal of creating healing environments for people that also heal our environment also.  She has coordinated the effort between Green Roof Technology and Tellus 360, organized the direction we need to travel, directed us as to the best way to get this project done and the timelines we need to meet. Now GRP does not stand for Go Rest in Peace but for a Green Roof Professional.  It is nice to have at least one professional working on this project. Visit Kat’s company at


The Connector – Fritz “I Can Walk There” Schroeder

Fritz Schroeder, Director of Programs for LIVE Green, is responsible for implementing both the residential and institutional aspects of the urban greening initiative.  He has infinitely more experience than we do with green roofs (anyone who has ever stood on a green roof has infinitely more experience than we do) and is helping us through the process.  He is born and raised in Lancaster, believes in changing the world and wants to start in his home town.  He has been invaluable in steering us in the right direction, connecting us with the right partners and being a great advocate for what is right. Fritz is tremendously excited about the project and maybe even more excited by the party that will follow.  It is no wonder that we get on so well. Visit Fritz at




The Purveyor – Eoin “The Young Bull” Breen

Big, strong, enthusiastic and stubborn, Eoin is the one responsible for hiring all suppliers, subcontractors, and sourcing anything and everything we need.  He will make sure that we dot our i’s, cross our t’s and added some much needed youth and strength to the installation process.

Be warned as each beer is drank the volume rises.



Techy – Mairtin “Morts Eeen” Lally

Morts is the website genius.  He is the one who is responsible for me boring you to death with stories of Green roofs, recycled toilet paper and reclaimed wood.

Morts is new to the United States of America, a fluent Irish speaker, has danced a gig in the stands at a Nascar race (there are pictures to prove this) and would always prefer to be jumping out of a plane than working.

We are considering leaving him skydive off the roof for the grand opening but we are having a hard time getting him to sign up for the gig.

Be warned whatever he says it is all his fault.


The Storekeeper – Annie “Little Miss Sunshine” Schwartz

Annie is a great picture of what Tellus360 is, her art work adorns the walls, her displays are what you see as you walk through the door, and it is common to see her working away in the store past midnight.  She is the reason that every time you come through our doors the experience is different.

Her role with our beautiful roof is to make sure we don’t forget art and beauty as we go through this process.  That we perform the work so that we are in harmony with our city, our customers, our friends and our store.  We believe that this roof should be alive in a community sense as well as biological sense.

Warning Annie is an artist


Ryan “Sideways” Boody

Ryan sideways, always good at following directions, was told to look sideways and this is what we got.  He has the unenviable task of being the job super, our heart goes out to him.  He is a designer by trade and has being spending his last few years trying to show us that the old adage that designers can’t build anything is just not true.  We are yet to be convinced. Warning distracted easily by a young women walking down the street, come to think of it distracted by an old woman walking down the street, in fact distracted be any woman walking down the street.  We will keep Ryan in the middle of the roof.