March 6, 2017 · 8:00pm

8 pm
Ticket: $12

 Allen, Mack, Myers and Moore LIVE

Allen, Mack, Myers, Moore: This is a project made up of 4 individuals who enjoy playing music together outside of their main projects (Shinedown, Ingram Hill, Brimstone Jones).

Zach Myers – Guitar – Banjo – Piano – Bass – Drums – Vocals

J.R. Moore – Guitar – Vocals – Percussion

Zack Mack – Guitar – Harmonica – Mandolin – Lapsteel – Banjo – Vocals

Chris Allen – Guitar – Piano – Vocals – Percussion

A review from a recent AMMM tour stop gives us about as accurate of a description as possible. “True to their word, the show went late into the night, as the audience was not willing to let them stop. They ended up playing for two and a half hours without even taking a break. They never left the stage nor did they do an encore. They stayed on that stage for 150 minutes and played their hearts out! ”

“There is no script, nor set list. And the shows are spontaneous, fun, and full of music and many laughs and stories.”