August 11, 2017 · 6:00pm

Tellus3City Fest

Purchase tickets online today! (Follow the link)

Tellus360 is pleased to announce that it will host the first Tellus3City Fest August 11th through 13th, 2017. The festival will celebrate Lancaster’s local music scene both past and present.

Lancaster’s vibrant and creative music community is an all-too-well kept secret. Tellus360 will shine a bright spotlight on the talents of the city’s diverse music scene with Tellus3City Fest; a three-day music festival showcasing over 50 local acts.

“Here at Tellus360, we’ve had a front row seat to experience just how much great live music is happening Lancaster. We really wanted to give people an opportunity to have that same experience all in one amazing weekend” – Bill Speakman

Because we want this to be the best local music festival it can be that everyone is able to afford, we have decided to reduce ticket prices to:

$10 for Friday

$10 for Saturday

$5 for Sunday

$20 for a weekend pass.

Everyone who has already purchased tickets will be refunded/compensated for the difference to reflect our updated prices.

Tellus3City Fest will begin at the following times for each day:

Friday(8/11): 6pm

Saturday(8/12): 3pm

Sunday(8/13): 1pm

We are pleased to announce the Tellus3City Fest Friday, 8/11 lineup!

Front Stage
We Keep Odd Hours– 6pm
Soggy Po’ Boys– 7:30pm
Of Tomorrow– 9pm
UZO– 10:30pm
Red Rose Soul Club w/ DJ Salinger – 11:15pm

Main Stage
Heroes 4 Ransom– 6pm
Minshara– 7:30pm
Tuck Ryan Band– 9pm
The Stonewall Vessels– 10:30pm
Andy Mowatt’s Steely Jam– 12am

Roof Stage
Tomato Face– 6:45pm
Six Bar Break– 8:15pm
eye wish eye– 9:45pm

An Sibin (speakeasy)
Jordan Rast & Monica de Vitry– 6pm
Mickelback – 8:15pm
Sam & Jeff from Nothing But Oregano – 9:45pm
Melanie Ilana– 11:15pm
Spherehead– 12:45am

Just released, our Tellus3City Fest Saturday, 8/12 lineup!

Front Stage
The Mystic Alpacas– 3pm
Lore– 4:30pm
The Akrons– 6pm
The Dirty Devils Trio– 7:30pm
Corty Byron– 9pm
Taylor Phelan– 10:30pm
The Destruct Principle.– 12am

Main Stage
They Were Only Satellites– 5:15pm
Consumer– 6:45pm
Face For Radio– 8:15pm
She Pulled The Trigger– 9:45pm
Ton-Taun– 11:15pm
Sun & Rain– 12:45pm

Roof Stage
The Ogham Stones– 5:15pm
Uncle Skip– 6:45pm
The Outhouse– 8:15pm

An Sibin (speakeasy)
Devix– 7:30pm
Adam Kowalczyk– 9pm
Ben & Joe– 10:30pm
Exploder– 12am

Just in, Tellus3City Fest Sunday, 8/13 lineup!

Front Stage
Ragtime Willi Band– 1pm
Electives– 2:30pm
Angela Michelle Walker- 4pm
Crooked Trees– 5:30pm
Lam- 7pm

Main Stage
Apes of the State– 1:45pm
Medusa’s Disco– 3:15pm
The Ultramarines– 4:45pm
Metalwülf– 6:15pm
Astro Lasso– 7:45pm

Roof Stage
Dillweed– 1:45pm
Temple Avenue jazz quintet– 3:15pm
Big Boy Brass– 5:45pm

An Sibin (speakeasy)
Ashley Elizabeth– 2:30pm
Thin Skin Revue- 4pm
Adam Blessing– 5:30pm
The Late Drunken Nights- 7pm