July 13, 2016 · 7:00pm

no cover


Lets debate the big issues that get us heated!

Debate Night



Tired of Facebook debates that rage endlessly on without structure, decorum, facts or basic adherence to limits of good taste? So are we! In response to the cynicism and futility of online ranting, we at Tellus have formed the Great Debate: a series of debates about current hot-button issues that require debaters to be well-researched, well-prepared and forced within a structure that will hopefully yield insight, thoughtfulness and fun. All with a beer in your hand. If you’re not debating this time, come out and check it out! Audience members will be given the opportunity to question our debaters!
Our first proposition to be debated will be: “Gun Control in the form of expanded background checks, an assault rifle ban and a prohibition of gun sales to people on the government’s “no fly” list is a necessary response to America’s gun violence issue.” There will be both yay and nay debaters who can address the legality, morality and efficacy of said proposals within a debate framework that will be strictly enforced. Debate on!

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