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Pub Grub

A unique mix of traditional and modern Irish and American fare, served up in generous portions, with a few other international recipes we’ve picked up along the way.  We’ve chosen some of our favorite recipes from our home in Ireland to share with you. 

Locally sourced ingredients are used when possible. 

A special thanks to a number of the vendors at Lancaster Central Market who have helped us bring a taste of Ireland to Lancaster.

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   Δ -Vegetarian       ∇ – Vegan      Ο - Gluten Free       Θ - Gluten Free w/Modification       ♦ – Contains Nuts


Auntie Kathleen’s Chili $5.95 - Ο 

Award winning recipe borrowed from Mother Teresa’s sister

Tomato Basil Bisque $3.95 / $4.95 - Δ∇Θ

A wholesome blend of fresh tomatoes, basil, onions, and hot peppers, topped with almond cream

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Donal’s Chunky Cheese Board $8.95 - Δ

A trio of Swiss, Pepper Jack, and Sharp Cheddar served with sliced apples, crunchy crackers, and sliced soft bread.

*Easily serves 3 – 4 people

The Big Dipper $8.95 - Δ∇Ο

Generous portions of all organic Salsa, Guac, Hummus, and Chips

Mairtin’s Sausage Rolls and Baked Beans $8.95 

Similar in appearance to a large “pig-in-a-blanket”, this Irish delicacy comes with a serving of special-import baked beans

Kev O’s Cocktail Sausages $8.95

Mouthwatering bowl of tiny, crispy sausages with a trio of dips: honey mustard, mustard and ketchup

Kristin’s Buffalo Chicken Dip $8.95 - Θ

It’s a Super Bowl party here all year round!


Joe’s Spicy Enchiladas $11.95 - ♦

A double-serving of Joe’s famous chicken enchilada served on a bed of brown rice (contains almonds)

**Add Guac or Sour Cream for 70c each

Rasta’s Chicken Curry $11.95

A generous serving of fresh vegetables, rice, and chicken pulled together by a moderately spicy curry sauce

Disco’s Closed Special $11.95

A portion of Rasta’s Chicken Curry served on top of a large serving of smashed potatoes. Has to be tried to be understood.

Mother Teresa’s Shepherd’s Pie $11.95

Ahhh.. The Irish Classic – Ground beef, carrots, onions, “Secret” stock, and of course, plenty of mashed potatoes!


House Salad $7.50 - Δ∇Θ

Mixed greens, tomatoes, carrots, onions, mozzarella, and our house made croutons tossed in your choice of dressing

**Add Grilled Chicken $1.50

Seasonal Harvest Salad $8.50 - ΔΟ♦

Apples and walnuts star in this blockbuster with support by mixed greens, tomato wedges, chopped carrots, and diced onions.

Finally tossed in our House Maple Vinaigrette and topped with crumbled blue cheese.

House Made Salad Dressings ΔΟ

Maple Vinaigrette, Sweet Balsamic, Caesar, Lemon Vinaigrette, Honey Mustard


All sammys come with your choice regular side, or sub a Super Side for $2

Joe P’s Ham and Mozz $9.50

Deli sliced ham, mozzarella, and roasted red peppers with olive oil and balsamic vinaigrette, garnished with Rooftop Basil

The Luigi O’Grady Chicken Roll $9.50

Hand-cut slices of marinated chicken breast and juicy tomatoes with fresh and crunchy greens on an Italian roll

Kate’s Irish BLT $9.50

Made with specially-imported Irish “rashers” (back bacon)

Alice’s Grilled Veggie $9.50 - Δ∇

We don’t know who Alice is, but this sammy is a marinated mix of grilled onions, tomatoes, red peppers, asparagus, eggplant, apples, and mushrooms served on sliced sesame bread

Jake’s Six Hour Pulled Pork $9.50

There’s never a rush when slowly cooking this pork BBQ classic.

Served plentiful on a fresh and crispy Italian roll

Shaina’s Egg Salad $8.50 - Δ

With eggs hand delivered each week, you cannot get an egg salad as direct source as this.

The Toastie Ham & Cheesy $7.50

The timeless comfort food: grilled cheese and ham!


Regular Sides – $2.50



Egg Salad


Super Sides – $3.95

Smashed Potatoes - Δ∇Ο

Small Mixed Greens Salad - Δ∇Ο