Folks it’s with great regret I write to tell you we still have not been able to get our hands on our liquor license. We started this process about a year ago and just can’t seem to get it to a stage where we can get an answer one way or the other.

We are working diligently on it and we are still amazingly hopeful that it is right around the corner, however we do not know when we will get it, and have given up at this stage putting any estimate on it.

All that being said, we are going to continue to run events BYOB. We are going to continue serving the wonderful food that The Farmette has been serving – all local, all simple, all good. We are going to continue to have music, wonderful music. because we love music. We are going to continue operating a store that is a weird collection of who we are. We are going to continue having parties, because we like parties.

We are also going to continue having fun, lots of fun, because we can. As always, we enjoy ourselves a lot more when the place is full of people like you. So please come visit, come shop, come party, come for a little time or a lot of time. We like having you around.

There is, however, one casualty – the Halloween party. We just don’t know a way of running this right without a license to serve drink. So our Halloween bash to end all bashes will have to be postponed to 2014. Count your lucky stars you will now survive another year, ha ha ha (that was a very spooky laugh).

Lastly I have written a story to go with our Halloween – The Book of the Dead. It is just that, a story. All events and people are fiction. We’ve heard that some folks have taken this story to be real and this was never our intent. We apologize for any offense caused. There have also been a lot of people who have really enjoyed the blog and story.

We have decided that we are going to continue telling the story under the blog The Book of the Dead, with a disclaimer that it is scary and even at times possibly down right disturbing depending on your constitution. All characters and stories are not real. Well except for me. I am real.

We will post the entries to the blog without linking in any social media or calls to read them. We figured this is the best way to allow those who are like them to continue to enjoy them and for all those who do not to avoid them.

We hope you have an eerily spookily good Halloween and roll on the holidays,